Professional Background

As an Electronics and Communication Engineer, a 2016 Graduate, Tata Consultancy Services rendered me an offer through campus placements. Being placed under the Assurance stream, I was given training through college, getting accustomed to the software field. While waiting for the call letter that took some time to arrive, the writer in me knocked out loud. Not being able to shut my eyes to the realisation that I could be good at writing, I started looking for opportunities. I got my hands dirty, posting my resume online, applying on social networking sites and sending across e-mails to recruiters. I had around 10 people who were in need of a content writer. Unfortunately, I had to deny a few offers due to relocation requests and lesser remuneration. I found success in all 12 interviews I had attended, for which I was offered jobs but refused to take advantage of due to varied reasons.

Eventually my friends and acquaintances were given a heads up on my interest in writing, and I was contacted by my NIIT Java trainer who needed a content developer for his website. I agreed to work on a few projects he offered and successfully became a Freelance Writer. This served as a curtain-raiser for me as I proved to be a creative writer through the projects I was presented with. Everyday was an opportunistic day from then on, as I received multiple offers from different companies across town. The CEO of Shasta Tek Solutions, an IT start up company, had called me for an interview for the position of a developer. My career kick started then, when I acquired a full-time job as a software developer.

Few days later, during the same week, an entrepreneur from Dubai had pinged me through Linkedin stating his needs for a News writer/Blogger for his website. I showcased my work as a writer, and accepted his offer to work as a Content Manager for Yochimp, Dubai. I now have two jobs, one as a Developer and the other as a Content Manager. Learning and discovering new information has been an interesting task for me till date. Every day is a day spent unearthing the avant-garde.


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