First Project As A Writer

Apparently in need of a content writer himself, my employer had reached out to me when I requested for referrals for the job of a content writer. Formulating a business website and writing content was a new task and illustrating the best, was a need by default. At first, a website dealing with online tutoring for software professionals was required, with a condition that each subtitle had to hold around 400 words. Impressing my employer with a sample paragraph on marketing, I inspired him to employ me for all the content he dealt with, in the long run. The website was initially named as Ask IT Support and was pushed aside for further development after the content was framed. A more serious project, involving Property Management was handed over to me and I was new to the concept of Property Management. After long hours of research and reference, I came up with a few services for subtitles and formulated a 17 page long content. New to the business himself, my employer let me take over the entire project. Understanding the business strategy and how Property Management worked, I framed the content for his website, with my own services as subtitles. This was during the month of July 2016. My first project gave me the kind of experience and confidence I needed to assure myself that I could take writing to the next level. Check out – – The Property Management website.


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