From A Programmer’s Point of View

It goes without saying that we live in a technology-driven world and programming is everything. I learnt the importance of manipulating machines and how programming is incorporated in everything we use to everything we do. As an Electronics and Communication Engineer, my final year project involved designing Embedded C based robots and Internet of Things. I successfully got into a start-up IT company, where I had to handle PHP based projects. I was under training for 3 months where I had to work with HTML5, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, MySQL, Jquery and AJAX. I designed a shopping website involving all of the basic functionalities. Having basic knowledge of C and pursuing a course on Java helped me lay the foundation for understanding programming better. The interesting part is where you combine business logic with codes and cook up something innovative. From writing programs for manipulating robots to designing shopping applications, programming has introduced me to an exciting world full of opportunities for creative ideas to blossom.


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