Volunteering Exposure

I discovered that connecting with people in different ways, helps you grow as a person, making the world a better place. I found happiness in volunteering for events, social causes and occasions that involved public gatherings. Here’s a list of a few of the events that I volunteered for:

TEDx Chennai 

With around 800+ people attending the event, TEDx Chennai was the first successful event that we managed to organise. From taking care of sponsorship, registration, managing crowd, bringing in eatables, setting up the stage to planning and delegating work, we were put into different responsibilities and roles. Working for two days straight, we managed to put up a show at the end of the day. The most important lesson I learnt from this volunteering gig was that team work mattered in every other situation we faced. Proper planning and implementation are the keys to success.

RED Corporate Culturals

I was a part of the organising team for a corporate cultural event. I was given different roles where I had to take care of the chief guests, where one of them was a renowned actress. I had to escort her to her seat and intimate her movements through a walky-talky. Managing crowd and taking care of the guests was a huge responsibility and it was a rather nice experience. Organising certificates and handing them out was one other responsibility I had to under take.

Chennai Floods

Chennai faced a catastrophic calamity during the month of December, 2015. Millions were flood hit, including our area. Chennai made news when many young people strived to help each other survive the unfortunate misery. As a volunteer, it was our responsibility to gather all the necessities and identify major flood hit areas and take care of distribution. We walked in waist level water and distributed food and other basic necessities for people in the neighbourhood, carrying candles and torches. It was an unforgettable incident and we managed to supply food that they could handle for a few days after the floods.

Tutor at Children’s Home of Hope

Teaching was an inborn quality of mine, that I discovered as a child, with a massive audience eagerly waiting to listen to my lectures. I joined an organisation called U&I where I was given an opportunity to meet wonderful people. Every Sunday would be a joyous one, spent with children who would undoubtedly put a smile on my face.



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