With a strong desire to change the world by exploring different fields of study, I am an individual who perceives every encounter as an eye-opener to an abode of opportunities. I expertise in Content Management, Marketing and Writing.  From a very young age, I have been enthusiastic in taking authority of any work assigned to me and always volunteered to be head. Multi-tasking comes to me quite naturally and I handle Event Marketing for TEDx, Sponsorship Management for Startup Weekend and Volunteer for U&I. As a Software Engineer at Shasta Tek, my career kick-started back in September 2016, when I decided to learn how to develop as well as analyze business strategies.  Passionate about food, I write reviews for restaurants on Zomato and also aim at starting my own restaurant. Website Content Development and Digital Marketing are my main areas of focus.

Juggling with quite a few roles and responsibilities at hand, I have a compelling urge to revolutionize the world by networking with people who have the same intent.  Undoubtedly good at socializing and taking leadership of the tasks handed over to me, I settle for no less than being best at what I do because I believe,

“What you think is what you become”