From Casual Blogger To Content Manager

As an inquisitive young lass, I ventured into multiple fields that interested me to find which one clicked. I even tried the most eeriest of things to be honest. Writing was a natural skill I couldn’t be oblivious to. Winning the Best Creative Writer award in the US as a child provided me the assurance I needed to foresee myself as a writer. Dan Brown’s novels served as an inspiration for me as I admired the way he perceived situations in different angles and penned them down quite beautifully. I was awe-inspired by literature and English was a subject I never gave excuses for.

It was in 2014 when I started blogging. It was a random blog on scientific facts that I came across while social networking –  . I stopped with very few blogs as I was looking for ways to make writing a profession later on in college. As an active Zomato Reviewer, I consistently maintained a good amount of reviews and began gaining recognition at local restaurants.  The Entrepreneurship Development Cell at my college was a platform where most of us found scopes in different areas like editing, Photoshop, writing, etc. Luckily I was given the opportunity to write a research paper on Cloud Computing for a student at a UK university. After graduation, while I was on a vigorous job hunt, my NIIT trainer impressed by my writing skills, requested me to be his Website Content Developer on the long run. I developed few of his websites, one of which dealt with property management. I formulated the entire content of a property management website – Mutually benefiting through the partnership we held, my interest in writing was now unshakable. As a Freelance Writer, I attracted a lot of recruiters online who were willing to offer remote opportunities that were comfortable for me as a full time employee. LinkedIn paved the way for who I am today. From a casual WordPress blogger and a Zomato Reviewer to a Content Manager and News Writer, I have witnessed the path of success and I am yet to discover more.